Pür Urbain Candiac - Innovation, a thought-out dream

Our project called Pür Urbain Candiac is a two-phase project of 215 townhouses within the Square Candiac site. We build our townhouses using high quality materials that exceed the highest standards of the industry. The exterior claddings of our houses require no maintenance. Each of them is equipped with a double garage, with direct and private access to the home.

Également, les domiciles sont tous munis d’une grande terrasse de 20ʼ x 20ʼ située à l’arrière, avec la possibilité d’y ajouter une seconde terrasse privée sur le toit permettant l’aménagement d’un spa.

The rooftop terraces are also equipped with solar panels and gardens that are unique worldwide. The vegetables grown in the gardens sold to the families living on-site and the profits are directly used to lower the project's common costs

Each of the project’s houses is personalized and unique. Our designers take great care to understand the needs of customers and meet their individual lifestyle. The City of Candiac offers significant municipal tax discounts to new buyers for a period of 3 years and up to 75%.

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