Build bridges in the community while, constructing hope for future generations

We like the idea of having a healthy mind in a healthy body and aim to apply this motto to our business. We are in the process of becoming a socially responsible private company, in addition to being culturally active. That is why we invest in small gestures that make a real difference for future generations in our community.

Our developments and concepts are in harmony with the environment and improve a little every year. We also choose our partners according to this philosophy.


  • Rooftop gardens helping with the reduction of urban heat islands (La shop agricole);
  • Solar panels, favoring renewable energy (Bordeaux Électrique);
  • Organic waste containers (CDL Environnement);
  • Use of maintenance-free materials for exterior claddings (Gentek).

A big thank you to our partners - without you, the future would be impossible to achieve!

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